Karl Cronin - Concept/Research/Performance

Karl Cronin’s artistic work presently focuses on creating ritualized practices that highlight the somatic experience relating to specific environments and situations. Cronin took an extended break from performing between 2000-2004 to study cognitive development at Harvard’s Lab for Developmental Studies and Harvard Medical Schools’ Music Nueroimaging Lab. Cronin returned to performing and creating choreography in 2004, and has since presented several works that blend art practice and scientific process. This work has been performed at the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art (MA), Green Street Studios (MA), Movement Research @ Judson Memorial Church (NYC), and in site-specific performances in over 14 states. Cronin's work has been supported by Movement Research, the Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature, and Dance (iLAND), the Santa Fe Art Institute, and Partnerships for Parks.

Deborah Black - Research/Performance

Deborah Black received a BFA with honors in dance from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts with a second major in Art History in 2002.  She maintains a daily performance practice of The Runner (2007) and I'll Crane For You (2008), solos commissioned from Deborah Hay and has performed The Runner in New York and in Europe.  Black has also been in works by Susan Rethorst, Naomi Goldberg-Haas, and Allison D'Amato.   She is currently working with Karl Cronin, Anneke Hansen, Peter Sciscioli, and Sasha Welsh.  Her choreography has been produced in Berlin (The Lucky Trimmer Tanz Performance Serie, Tacheles), Bedburg-Hau and London (ArToll artist residency and The Place, in collaboration with Geneviève Beth Grady), and venues in New York.  She studies the Alexander Technique regularly with June Ekman.

Christiane Hommelsheim - Dramaturgy/Direction/Sound design

Christiane Hommelsheim (Germany) -  is a video artist and vocalist originally from Goeppingen Germany. She studied video and performance art in the New Artistic Media Department at the Art Academy of Saarbruecken. She works as performer, video-designer and voice-performer for different companies in the fields of dance, theatre and performance art in Germany, France, Belgium and the Netherlands (Agora/B, MAPA/NL, Faim de siècle/F/USA, Walli Höfinger/Ingo Reulecke/D). Hommelsheim has studied intesively the "Extended Voice Technique“ with various teachers of the Roy Hart Theatre, Shelley Hirsch and at the "Institute for Living Voice" (David Moss/Muziektheater Transparant/B). She is currently teaching voice and is a Roy Hart teacher in training.